Z Social and Physical Well Being through Sports

Social and Physical Well Being through Sports
(Basketball Camps and Clinics)

Program Description:

There are two different elements to this program.

1) The Arizona Basketball Academy was started in 2000 by Joseph Blair in an attempt to offer a true and professional basketball camp experience to youth that otherwise would not have the opportunity or means, because of economic or social limitations. The ABA is a weeklong camp that not only focuses on teaching basketball skills but also builds social and life skills.

The camp has a wide range of speakers and activities including:

  • Mayor Bob Walkup- re: Civil Responsibility
  • Councilman Paul Cunningham- re: Scholarship Opportunities
  • Jim Rosborough- re: Attention to Details
  • Joseph Blair- re: Service to the Community
  • Wide array of former and current University of Arizona athletes- re: basketball skills and work ethic

The ABA is an age 12 and up, co-ed, pro bono camp serving 70 kids. No youth pay!! This is what sets the ABA apart from other basketball camps in the Tucson area. Campers receive a “scholarship” that covers their camp cost. The scholarships are distributed to diverse youth based non-profit organizations in the Tucson community. Each of these qualifying organizations is responsible for the selection of the campers. This process of selection ensures that the Arizona Basketball Academy remains as non-biased and non-preferential as possible with the youth in which it serves.

2) Blair Charity Group also offers weekend long pro bono basketball clinics. In principle it runs the same way as the Arizona Basketball Academy but on a weekend basis and serving only 50 kids. The other big differences between the weekend clinics and the Arizona Basketball Academy are the diverse age groups, the daily timeline, and the shifting locations. The ABA is limited to youth ages 12 and up, while the weekend clinics will change monthly from ages 9-13 and ages 14-18. The ABA is also run from the hours of 2pm-6pm. The weekend clinics will be all day events because of the limited days. Also, the location of the weekend clinics will change from month to month in order to be more easily accessible to the youth that it serves and broaden its outreach.

Primary Goal:

There are many goals of the Social and Physical Well-being Through Sports program:

  • Teach ways to maintain physical optimization to ward off obesity and promote overall physical balance
  • Teach and cultivate teamwork
  • Teach and cultivate responsibility
  • Encourage social interaction within diverse economic, social, and geographical groups

Secondary Benefits:

  • By accepting youth from different non-profit organizations, the Arizona Basketball Academy is just another example of how the Blair Charity Group inspires collaboration in the non-profit sector, while leading by example.
  • It encourages the youth to get engaged, take advantage of, and get involved with the non-profit organizations that are offered in our community.