Z Non-Profit Consulting Program

Non-Profit Consulting Program

Program Description:

The Blair Charity Group will support other non-profits in the Southern Arizona Community by lending a hand to their fundraising efforts. Because of the decline in Federal and State funding, by way of grants, many of the non-profits in our region have begun to struggle and suffer through the effects of the change in our economy. Realizing that the non-profit sector is a huge support to the growth, not only emotionally but also economically, in the region it is important that they are supported and given a chance to continue to thrive.

The Blair Charity Group provides consulting services to these struggling non-profit organizations. In some circumstances, it will be possible to merely enhance and restructure the fundraising event of a certain organization. While in other occasions, it may be necessary to work with the benefitting organization to create a brand new event, that will not only be effective but will work in the constraints of the organization and provide an opportunity for sustainability.

Included in the consulting proposals BCG will offer:

  • Celebrity Appearances
  • Committee Organization and Recruitment
  • Venue Support
  • Marketing Strategies

Primary Goal:

The focus of this program is to teach these struggling organizations how to effectively organize, promote, and sustain a strong and appealing fundraising event. It is the hope of the BCG that these organizations will accept and begin to adopt some of the organizational strategies offered so that the events affected can become signature events and achieve a continued impact throughout the lifetime of that organization.

Secondary Benefits:

The benefit of BCG’s involvement in the program is two-fold.

Each event will lend an opportunity to raise awareness and highlight the mission of the Blair Charity Group and expand the opportunity for outreach. This is a true “cost free” means of advertising.
This will give the Blair Charity Group the distinction of not only teaching other non-profit groups how to raise money and achieve a strategy for long term sustainability, but will also demonstrate the self-sustaining capabilities of the BCG.