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The Arizona Basketball Academy hosts a weeklong summer camp that not only focuses on teaching basketball skills but also builds social and life skills.

The camp has a wide range of speakers and activities including:

  • Mayor Bob Walkup- re: Civil Responsibility
  • Councilman Paul Cunningham- re: Scholarship Opportunities
  • Jim Rosborough- re: Attention to Details
  • Joseph Blair- re: Service to the Community

The ABA is an age 12 and up, co-ed, pro bono camp serving 70 kids. No youth pays! This is what sets the ABA apart from other basketball camps in the Tucson area. Campers receive a “scholarship” that covers their camp cost. The scholarships are distributed to diverse youth based non-profit organizations in the Tucson community. Each of these qualifying organizations is responsible for the selection of the campers. This process of selection ensures that the Arizona Basketball Academy remains as non-biased and non-preferential as possible with the youth in which it serves.